Money Making Home Improvement Hints  

You work with a RealtorŪ because she is best able to sell your home quickly and profitably. But remember: Your relationshisp with your CRS is a partnership. While she markets your prperty and screens potential buyers it's up to you to give your home a simple inexpensive sprucing up that can go a long way toward a speedy sale. With that in mind here are some helpful hints ths will not take a big bite out of your pocket book.

The Homefront 


Make sure your front entrance is clean and inviting.
Replace or paint your front door if it's faded or worn.
Flush your gutters. 
Replace any cracked windows. 
Repaint the trim around the windows and doors.
Scrub or repave the driveway. 

The Landscape 

 Put in a flower bed 


Revitalize the lawn. 
Trim all Hedges and bushes. 
Resurface the front walk if needed. 

Inside Your Home 

Clean all carpets. 
Keep windows and floors clean.
Replace faded wallpaper and glue any areas that have come away from the wall.
Open draperies and curtains to let the light in during the showing.
Use candles or air fresheners to make the room smell pleasant.
Replace worn curtains and blinds. 
Paint peeling walls and worn trim. 
Revarnish hardwood floors. 
Remove odors caused by pets.  

The Basement 

Install cable outlets and phone jacks. 
Reorganize closets to make them seem as roomy as possible. 
Weather-strip around windows to keep the basement as cozy as the rest of the house. 
Cover all exposed piping and encase fuse boxes with a surrounding wall. 
Find out what it would take to reroute the plumbing for washer dryer hookups. 

The Kitchen 

Resurface countertops 
Repair broken garbage disposal. 
Replace unsightly home appliances. 
Buff the kitchen floor until it looks brand new. 

The Dining Room 

 If you can find an attractive, affordable new dining set, do it. 
 Bring that china cabinet out of storage and showcase it. 
 Invest in an inexpensive centerpiece for your dining room table.

The Family Room 

Install the extra cable jack at the opposite end of the room. 
Invest in track or recessed lighting to give the room atmosphere. 
Cover any stains or tears on furniture so the prospect can focus on the room. 
Find some attractive, inexpensive prints or paintings. 

The Bathroom 


Scrub and disinfect all floors, tiles, sinks, and toilets. 
Replace broken mirrors, toilet seats, and other bathroom hardware. 
Invest in a new shower curtain. 
Clean out messy cabinets. 
Fix leaky faucets and other plumbing problems. 
Regrout tiles and floors. 
Check and repair caulking in bathtubs and showers.
Keep fresh clean towels in the bathroom.

The Bedroom 

 Make sure that both phone and cable jacks are available in every bedroom. 
Think of installing ceiling fans for comfort and energy efficiency. 


Purchase the new bedroom set you've been admiring. 
 Paint or wallpaper children's bedrooms to give them character. 

The Garage 

Replace that old garage door with a newer model and install an electric door opener. 
Tear down the old shelves that line the walls and build sturdy new ones. 


 Power scrub the floor to remove tire marks and oil stains. 
 Install new flourescents to replace that dangling light bulb. 

I hope that this information has been helpful to you.  If you have questions about anything at all, don't hesitate to contact me by phone, or by e-mail 

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