Ways To Determine A Home's Value

Many homeowners base the value of their home on the memories they've had there.  My Job as a real estate agent is to look at the fair market value in terms of what a potential buyer may be willing to pay.  I can evaluate some characteristics of the house that may enhance its marketability. 

Location.  The value of two houses with a similar floor plan may very up to several thousand dollars, depending on where they're located.  Many factors go into play when considering location, such as:



GOOD SCHOOLS, preferably within easy walking distance.
CONVENIENT ACCESS to shopping and business centers.  You'll also want easy access to public transit, a major throughfare, or a freeway.  However, you don't want to be so close that noise or traffic congestion becomes a problem.  Houses directly adjacent to main roads may have a lower value than similar hoses slightly further away.
HOUSES IN master-planned communities tend to have higher values.  In an unplanned area where there is vacant land, future development may lower property values.
LOW CRIME rate.  Everybody wants to feel safe at home.  The presence of neighborhood Block Watch program is also beneficial.
home valueA CLEAN, well kept neighborhood.
Features. There are a number of features buyers look for which can enhance the marketability of you home, including:OPEN FLOOR plans and lots of windows that make the house feel bright.
LARGE BRIGHT kitchens that provide an easy access or are open to the family room.
A LARGE family room and master bedroom suite are very popular now.
BUYERS EXPECT at least two bathrooms, and in a two-story hose, at least one downstairs bathroom is important.
VAULTED CEILINGS are popular in newer homes and create an appearance of spaciousness.
A PORCH can also be an important selling feature, a place where people can easily entertain outdoors when weather is nice.

Price. Denver home value This is an area where my expertise can help you. You need to set a price that gives you the return you want, but is not so high that your home lingers on the market for lack of potential buyers.  Compare selling prices in your area.  Evaluate your home's location, size, age, condition and number of bedrooms and baths. Factor in improvements and cosmetics. Then decide on a price.

I hope that this information has been helpful to you.  If you have questions about anything at all, don't hesitate to contact me.  I'd love to help. 

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