Making Your Next Move Your Best Move Ever  

Moving a family takes a fair amount of work, and there is a lot to remember.  It is possible that moving can be an exciting adventure.  The month before your move will be very busy.  With careful planning, you can make this adventure as smooth as possible.  Working out a schedule of what to do and when to do it over the next four weeks will help a great deal. 

Four Weeks Before Moving 

moving to another homeSelection of a moving company should be your first concern.  After choosing at least three possibilities, check with the Better Business Bureau to see if any of these companies has had any complaints.  Next get estimates from them on the cost of the move, and find out the difference in cost if they pack all boxes or if you do. One wise investment is moving insurance, many moving companies offer it.


Set up a special file of important papers you may need during this time period.  A portable plastic file cabinet, an accordion file or a 3 ring binder with dividers will work.  Keep track of receipts and other documents .
Inventory all your valuable items.  Make a video tape or take photos to simplify the process. Insurance companies recommend this as proof of any claims you may ever have for a covered loss.
Sketch out the floor plan of your new home and decide where you're going to put everything.
Discard all unneeded items now. Clean out the closets, cabinets, garage, attic and basement.  Have a big garage sale or donate anything you don't want to charity.
Begin packing items you seldom use.  Designate a spare room or the garage for storage so the boxes don't get in your way.
Organize business affairs. 
Make the transfer in utility services from your old home to your new one. Set up the date for turn on. Find out if there are any required deposits.
Transfer bank accounts.
Transfer insurance policies.
Arrange for the transfer of any financial or legal documents you may have in a safe deposit box.

Three Weeks Before Moving 

Complete a change of address form ant the post office, effective on your moving day.  As bills and magazines come in, send in the change of address form.


If you're flying to your new city, make your reservations. Most airlines have restrictions on changes or refunds.  If you choose the lowest fare, you won't be able to change your tickets later on if you need to. 
Pick up medical and dental records, as well as your children's school transcripts.  Ask your doctor and dentist for a referral.

Two Weeks Before Moving 

Fill any prescriptions you might have.  Ask your doctor for a copy of the prescription you can take to the pharmacist in your new city.
Pick up any items you've dropped off to be repaired.
If you're traveling by car, be sure to have it completely serviced, and request a full inspection to prevent problems later. You may want to consider having all belts changed or buy extras to take with you.  Broken belts are the most common problem while traveling by car.
Map out your route. On a 400 mile-per-day plan make reservations for sleeping accommodations accordingly.  It's best to make guaranteed reservations so there will be no chance of losing your accommodations in the event you're delayed. If a motel is filled to capacity, you may find an unsecured reservation will only guarantee the room up the time you reserved.
Recheck your address changes to make certain you've notified everyone. Send any needed change of address cards.
Close or transfer your bank account. Acquire cashier's checks, which you may need to pay the movers.
Check the owner's manual on your major appliances to see if they need service.
Start saying good-bye to friends and neighbors and verify their addresses for writing letters. The last few days in your old house will go quickly, and you may not have the chance to see them again before you leave.

One Week Before Moving 

Have your pets examined by your veterinarian and get any necessary shots. Pick up their records as well and ask your vet for a referral in your new city if possible.
Try to use up the food in your kitchen before you move.
Pack up any kitchen and bathroom items you don't expect to use before you move.
Return any library books or other items you may have borrowed. Be sure to get back item that you have loaned out.
Stop your newspaper subscription.
Drain the oil and gasoline from your lawn mower and other gas-powered tools into an approved container.

The Day Before You Move 

Put aside a box of essential items such as toiletries, cleaning supplies, canned or dry food and light bulbs for easy access when you arrive at your new home.
Empty, defrost and clean the refrigerator. Turn it off and leave the door open so the interior can dry.
Finish packing.
Label the moving boxes and the rooms where they will go.

Moving Day 

Get plenty of rest the day before you move.
Have food and beverages available for the movers at both ends of your yourney.
Strip the linens from the beds and place in a separate box to be easily washed at your new home.
Stay available to the movers in case they have questions, but try to stay out of their way.
Make sure the movers have your new address and phone number and give them a map to your new house.
Check all the rooms, closets, cupboard and drawers for items you may have forgotten.
Make sure to leave the owner's manuals and warranty information for any appliances you're leaving. Leave your new address as well, so the new owner can send any of your mail that isn't forwarded.
Make that final walk through then drop off your keys.

When You Arrive At Your New Home 

Arrive before the movers.
Check the utilities.
Unpack the box of essential items. 
Clean anything that needs to before the movers arrive with the rest of your things.


Locate your floor plan sketch for the movers.
Check everything for damage as it is unpacked, marking each item off you inventory list.
Plan something special for the whole family at the end of the day.

Enjoy Your New Home 

I hope that this information has been helpful to you.  For more tips on making the most of your move talk to Angela Burdick, CRS. As a REALTORŪ with special experience and training in residential sales, Angela draws on a wealth of experience to help you make your move a success.

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