If you are considering buying or selling a home there are probably a thousand questions in your mind. But the first and foremost you should as is Which Agent Should I Choose?  Before you make your choice there are a number of things you need to consider, let's take a look at the the most critical questions you should make in your search for the right agent. 

How long have you been in the business? 

Experience counts for a lot in the real estate business, and it should be the first thing you ask about.  An experienced agent frequently knows the ins and outs of the business better than someone who's just starting out.

Do you have a written marketing plan for selling homes? 

A written marketing plan shows a level of commitment and organization that's desirable in an agent. It lets every client know what to expect before the first step is taken.

Do you network with other agents? 

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In real estate, who you know is every bit important as what you know. A top agent can put the word out on your home with other top agents, and can help buyers find prime properties fast.



Do you pre-qualify prospective buyers? 

Large organizations and well-established agents often have a large pool of pre qualified buyers just waiting to see your home.

Do you advertise in prominent publications an on the internet? 
Real Estate on the internet 

An agent who is media-savvy and technologically up-todate will give buyers and sellers a distinct advantage in today's real estate market.


Do you have any references or past client testimonials that I can see? 

When checking references, look for reliability, results, and satisfaction. Pay close attention for qualities that you find admirable in others. Be wary of quotes which appear to be heavily edited.

Do you use the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)? 

The MLS is one of the world's best and largest resources for home buyers and sellers, and every agent should take advantage of it.  There is rarely a good reason for an agent to bypass the MLS.

What's your policy on staying in touch with clients? 
Staying in touch means staying in touch through every stage of your transaction.  Make sure you don't find someone that will be to busy for you. 
 Why should I choose you as my agent? magnigy.gif 

Seems like a simple question. but it's not. Too often you will get an answer like "I will provide great service." What you're looking for is an answer that will hit at the agent's commitment or integrity. The more genuine the response, the more likely you found your agent.

I hope that this information has been helpful to you.  If you have questions about anything at all, don't hesitate to contact me, I'd love to help. 

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